Internship at Horti Innovations

Horti Innovations is regularly looking for interns or undergraduates who want to work on new assignments.

We are a relatively small company, and that's why there is extra attention for interns. They will be involved with all aspects of the company.
Interns have the freedom to do their work regarding their assignment, and have a workshop with various machines at their disposal.

As an innovative company we are looking for inventive and enthusiastic students who have technical experience with mechanical engineering, or industrial design and creating 3D drawings and sketches. Preferably also students with experience in horticulture. 
Other requirements are that you are at least in the third year of your study.

We offer a pleasant working environment, where you have the freedom to work out your ideas and go through the whole process from development to sales. A compensation for your internship is determined after consultation.

For more information you can contact:

engineer. P. van Schie
+31 (0)174 226500